Beverlywood Design Review Applications

Application, Fee and Construction Process

After finding the appropriate application(s) for your project and submitting to the home owner’s association, your completed 
package will begin the process of review. All submissions, both new and amended, are due to the HOA by the 15th day of the month (if the 15th falls on a weekend, they are due the following Monday). A list of submission materials needed for review can be found here.

Applications are reviewed at the next committee or Board meeting, depending upon the status of the project. These meetings are held once every month, and each project is reviewed at the same time. Home owners and architects should consider the approval process when scheduling their project timeline.

Once a month, the Design Review Committee (DRC) and/or Landscape Review Committee (LRC) review and discuss the applications,considering CC&R’s, Rules and Regulations and established guidelines (available below). These volunteers determine if each project aligns with the character and ideals defined by these standards. Reviewed by the committee and a design consultant, the project is held to a vote and is either: recommended to go before the HOA Board of Directors,or a list of corrections and suggestions are provided for the project. These should be addressed before resubmittal. If a project is denied twice by the committees, it continues to the Board for final review and voting.

At the following Board meeting, the project is reviewed again and held to a vote. Approval of the project (conditionally or without conditions),
allows for submittal to the city. If approval is not granted by the Board, the project will return to the respective committees for further review where concerns and suggestions may be resolved. Home owners with projects ready for Board review are highly encouraged to attend Board meetings, where the project will be considered for final approval.

When approved by the Board and city, construction progress will be monitored by the HOA during site visits. All construction must comply with the standards upheld during the review process, and follow the plans submitted at final approval. Any and all changes after final approval must be reviewed by the respective committee and approved by the Board prior to construction.

      Fees:   $1.25  Per square foot for any new addition, new structure including basement sq. ft, ADU/JADU or other major remodel (minimum $1500.00)
                  $750   Remodel not involving additional square footage
                  $1000 Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)/Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) not involving additional square footage 

                  $750   Architectural Modification Amendment after approval
                  $500   Landscape/Hardscape New Build (in addition to Design Application fee)
                  $500   Landscape only
                  $150   Landscape Amendment (within 12 months of approval)
                  $300   Small Projects
                  $250   Staff Review  
              No Fee   Adding Tree to Parkway or Front Yard
                             Painting with Pre-Approved Color Palette

Frequently Asked Questions

   -Who reviews my application?
         The DRC and LRC are composed of volunteers from the neighborhood. They review all submittals with the help of a design consultant.
  -What documents and information are needed for review?
       DRC and LRC review materials list can be found here.
   -How do I know my limitations for construction: max height, setbacks, tree removal?
         All construction and design information can be found in the CC&R’s, Rules and Regulations, and Guidelines on this page below and
        in the Resources 
link on the side menu.
   -Do I need to own my property to do work on site?
         Yes, all work must be commissioned by the current property owner.
   -Can I push my application through because of a special situation?
         No, all applications are reviewed at the same time and deadlines must be considered.
   -What if my project is denied?
         Denial by the DRC, LRC or Board result in outcomes stated above in the Application and Construction Process section.


Design Review Committee (DRC) Application
New Construction 
Addition to Building / Rehabilitation
Second Floor Addition
Amendment After Approval


Landscape Review Committee (LRC) Application

Amendment After Approval

Small Projects Application
New Hardscape
New Windows / Doors
Steps, Ramps and Railings
Minor Exterior Cosmetic Change


Staff Review Application
    Fences / Gates / Walls (non-retaining)    |    Solar Panel Installation
        Exact Window / Door Replacement    |    Parkway Groundcover
 Driveway / Walkway Replacement    |    Exterior Painting
Driveway Apron / Curb Cut Replacement    |    Pool / Spa Installation 
Rear Yard Trellis, Arbor or Pergola    |    Re-Roofing        
Exterior Tankless Water Heater    |    Tree Addition


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